Prescription frames

We offer a wide assortment of prescription frames for men, women and children - plastic, metal, or combined. With us, you will find the perfect frames for your budget, from the cheapest (starting at 590 RSD) to designer ones with the highest price tags.
We offer models by leading brands including Ray Ban, Guess, Silhouette, MaxMara, Versace, jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, StellaMcCartney, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Dario Martini, Vogue, Pierre Cardin, etc.
Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be happy to assist you with your choice in order to find the perfect prescription glasses.


We offer sunglasses for men, women and children by selected brands including Ray Ban, Avanglion, Polar Glare, Ozzy, etc. Most of these products offer UV protection and polarization.

Polarization is a popular term for light reflection from various flat surfaces. These include glares in windows, chrome car parts, blinding waves from water and snow surfaces. Polarized light creates diffused light rays which reduce glares, strengthen contrast and provide vision clarity.

Contact lenses

-Contact lenses offer all-day comfort, clear vision, a wide field of vision as well as convenience. They are ideal for sports and other activities.
We offer a large assortment of daily, monthly and annual contact lenses (monofocal, thoric, multifocal), including trusted manufacturers and distributors such as Bauch&Lomb, Alcon, Opticx, etc.
-We offer aesthetic lenses, i.e. colored contacts which, combined with your natural eye color, change or bring out the color which you desire (turquoise, amethyst, true sapphire, blue, green, pure hazel, brilliant blue, etc.).
-It’s important to note that with contact lenses, hygiene is particularly important and needs to be given extra attention.

Dioptric lenses

Based on the determined diopter, one of our eye care professionals will recommend the patient with a wide choice of the highest quality dioptric lenses. In addition to mineral lenses, we also offer all types of organic (plastic) lenses made by both domestic and foreign companies, including Essilor, Zeizz, Grossoptic, Okm, Pol, Hoya, etc.
-Bifocal (distant and near sight)
-Multifocal - Progressive lenses bring together dioptres for all distances by gradually shifting from the lowest (for distant sight) to the largest (for reading) without aesthetically changing the appearance of the lens.
-Various protective lenses: Drivewear for night driving, polarized lenses for outdoor use in conditions of high reflection (water, snow, asphalt, etc.)