Dioptric lenses

Based on the determined diopter, one of our eye care professionals will recommend the patient with a wide choice of the highest quality dioptric lenses. In addition to mineral lenses, we also offer all types of organic (plastic) lenses made by both domestic and foreign companies, including Essilor, Zeizz, Grossoptic, Okm, Pol, Hoya, etc.
-Bifocal (distant and near sight)
-Multifocal - Progressive lenses bring together dioptres for all distances by gradually shifting from the lowest (for distant sight) to the largest (for reading) without aesthetically changing the appearance of the lens.
-Various protective lenses: Drivewear for night driving, polarized lenses for outdoor use in conditions of high reflection (water, snow, asphalt, etc.)

Dioptric lenses can be aspherical, thinner, photosensitive (transitions), trivex, polycarbonate, etc.